How Many Watts Does a Refrigerator Draw?


The wattage a refrigerator draws would depend on the size and power of the fridge. Along with that, a refrigerator uses a varying amount of power, so it can never be said exactly how much power one will consume. On average, though, you can expect a normal sized refrigerator to consume between 100-300 watts an hour, with the possibility of going up to the 600-700 range if there are many things inside of it.
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Each refrigerator manufacturer has a different wattage. Look on the back of the unit and that information will be readily available. It depends on the size but my average kitchen
The wattage of a refrigerator varies depending on the size of the refrigerator, how clean the coils are, and room temperature. Refrigerators have become more inexpensive to operate
An average frost free refrigerator is usually rated at
1. Locate the wattage amount on the appliance. This is the total power the device uses at any given instant. For example, a lightbulb might use 60 watts of electricity. 2. Determine
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A typical refrigerator uses somewhere between 57 and 160 watts. This number is much lower than many other appliances that need to produce heat. ...
A refrigerator's wattage use can vary. If it was made before 1986 then the wattage is 1400 kWh. A 2001 model is lower with only 500 kWh. ...
The amount of watts a refrigerator has depends upon several factors, such as size and whether or not it is frost-free. The average 16 cubic foot frost free refrigerator ...
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