How Many Watts does a TV Need?


Different size TVs need different watts to work. A color TV needs more than a black and white TV and a TV combo (like a TV/VCR or TV/DVD) needs more than a regular TV. It can range between 55-500. You can find more information here:
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The wattage required for a T.V. to operate varies. It depends on the size and whether or not it is color or black and white. Example would be a 25' color T.V. would require 300 Watts, but a 12' black and white would only require 30 Watts.
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The number of watts a t.v. uses will depend on its size and energy star rating. The average being between 60 and 250 watts. The newer T,V's are more energy efficient so use less wattage
it depends on the televison on my flat screen the amount of watts are 200
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The watts it takes to run a television varies depending on the television itself. For example a small black and white television can use anywhere from 100 to 150 ...
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The amount of watts you need depends upon what you are doing. You can use an equation to determine what you will need as long as you know the voltage and amperage ...
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