How Many Watts in a 20 Amp Circuit?


There are 2400 available watts in a 20 amp circuit. Keep in mind this is the maximum rating and wiring should be done not to exceed about 80 percent of this amount.
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You cannot determine how many watts are in a 20 amp circuit without know the number of volts. Watts equals volts multiplied by amps. You need to know how many volts you have and them multiply it times 20.
You should only carry 2400 watts on a 20 amp breaker at one time. However, this is maximum capacity and could trip the breaker so to be safe you should run it at 80% which would allow for 1920 watts continuously.
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For 120V (normal in the U.S. it would be 20x120 = 2,400; *but* this puts the circuit breaker on the edge of trip. Normally, you would want to use 16A or less (NEC rule) which would
As the others have said you need to give the voltage to answer this question. If you are on a 120V single phase system then you have 120*20=2400 Watts but if you are talking about
1. Cut seven pieces of wire, with each piece being six-inches long. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the ends of each wire segment. 2. Place one end of the first wire on the audio
A 20 amp circuit maxes out at about 1,920 watts. Thanks and keep up...
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