How many watts is 120 volts?


Watts cannot be calculated using the number of volts alone. Amperage is required, too.

To find how many watts are in 120 volts, one need to know the formula that relates power (P) in watts to volts (V) and current (I) given in amps. The formula for this relationship is that power equals volts multiplied by amps, or P = V x I.

So, if the question is how many watts are in 120 volts that delivers a current of 2 amps, then the answer is 240 watts using the formula.

Watts, amps, volts and ohms are the units utilized to measure electricity.

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120 watts has zero volts. The formula for volts when wattage is shown is E. = W/I. = Watts/Amperage. = Volts. As you can see if the amperage is not stated, the question can not be
120 volts equals 100
Think of electricity as something that flows. like water. Pressure in water would be equivalent to voltage in electricity. Watts is a measure of the power. Your question would be
1. Multiply the number of volts by the number of amps to find wattage. For example, a 13-amp plug on a 120-volt system would be able to take 1560 watts:13 x 120 = 1560 watts. 2. Divide
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