How Many Watts is my Microwave?


Microwaves comes in various watts or cooking power which range from 300 to 1625. If you do not have the manual for the microwave, you can test your wattage by placing one cup of water in your microwave and see how long it takes to boil. For example if the cup of water boiled in 1:26, your wattage is 1225. You can also check the back of the microwave, you may be able to find some information there. You can find more information at www. microwavecookingforone. com/Charts/Wattage. html
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There should be a rating plate located on your microwave in which if it does not specify the watts but does give the amps then multiply the amps times the voltage of the appliance to get the watts. Or, by looking up the brand name and model number online you should be able to get this information too.
The average microwave wattage is 700. However if you want to know how many watts your microwave is, you can boil water in the unit and see how long it takes. A microwave oven with 300 watts would take about 3.5 minutes and 2.5 minutes for 700 watts.
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It's dependent on the size of the microwave. A small unit that's less than 1.0 cubic feet will have between 700 and 900 watts of power. I larger unit, say 1.5 cubic feet will have
The average microwave has 650 to 1,300 watts of cooking power. The higher the
Hi The wattages of your microwave is 800 watts. Thanks!
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