How Many Watts to Run a TV?


The watts it takes to run a television varies depending on the television itself. For example a small black and white television can use anywhere from 100 to 150 watts but a Color television uses up 300 to 400 watts. You can find more information at
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A televisions power consumption can vary depending on the type of television you are using. Basically, a standard LCD will use 111 watts, while an LED LCD television will use 101 watts, and the power hog of a plasma is an average of 301 watts used.
How many watts it takes to run a tv depends on the size of the televison and the hours of usage which aren't mentioned here. I suggest looking at the back of your tv for the label. The label will state the maximum wattage used. It will be right there with the other electrical information. In newer sets you can expect about 200 watts on average but again that depends on the factors above.
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