How many siblings are in the Wayans family?


The first generation of stars in the Wayans family consist of ten siblings. Only seven of them actively participate in the entertainment industry as actors while one writes and another runs a production company.

Oldest sibling Keenen Ivory Wayans launched the careers of his siblings Damon, Kim and Shawn on his sketch show "In Living Color." Little brother Marlon also became an actor and starred with brother Damon in the film "Mo' Money." Nadia has a small part in Keenan's "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka." Elvira wrote for Damon's show "My Wife and Kids" and Deidre had a production company. Vonnie stayed out of the spotlight.

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There are 4: Damon, Keenan, Marlon, and Shawn.'s-si...
There are 5 brothers: Dwayne Kim Wayans (born 1956) Keenen Ivory Wayans (born 1958) Damon Wayans (born 1960) Shawn Wayans (born 1971) Marlon Wayans (born 1972) There are also 5 sisters
There are 5 Wayans brothers: Dwayne, Keenen, Marlon, Shawn, and Damon. Dwayne is the eldest. They also have 5 sisters.
The short answer: Nobody knows for sure, but it appears to be common enough that you know someone who has been involved, whether you know it or not. Including stepsiblings or adopted
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