How Many Weeks are in a Month?


We generally think of a month as having four weeks. When calculating a work week for payroll we use 4.3 and multiply that with 4 to get a monthly figure for wages. We say that pregnancy lasts for 9 months but technically it is 40 weeks.
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For the most part there are four weeks in one month. There are some months that are and exception and have five weeks. Take this October 2009. This month was one of those rule breakers
1. Count up the number of weeks you want to calculate into months. Write down this number or type it into a calculator. 2. Divide the number of weeks by 4.35. This is the monthly
It can be viewed as a simple common knowledge question, but it is actually a lot more complex, it is actually math question. It's an easy math question though, only requires some
Approx 83.7 months.
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All of the months do not have the same amount of weeks in them. January, April, and July have five in them. February, March, May, June, August, September, October ...
There are a total of four weeks in each month of the year. A week is composed of seven days and most months have an average of 31 days. ...
When a human is pregnant, 4.4 weeks equals a month. The pregnancy is counted starting from the first day of the womanâ₠...
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