How many weeks are there in a school year?


The schedule for public schools lies with each particular school district of which it is a part; as such, the total number of weeks in a school year can vary considerably. The number of weeks in a school year for a private school is set by the school in question.

When all is considered, the total number of school days throughout the United States on a basic school schedule averages 180, spread over 40 weeks throughout the year. This number is also applied to some year-round schools, which allocate longer breaks throughout the traditional September to June schedule, but a shorter summer break and as such, students attending year-round schools do have classes in the summer.

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Not anywhere near enough, judging by the standardized test results we hear so much about. In Florida the school year is 180 days, or 36 weeks.
There are 40 weeks in a school year - and 12 weeks of holidays. Unless you live somewhere snowy and you have to take "snow days" These can extend the length by another week
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