How many Weight Watchers points are you allowed per day?


Weight watching points depend on the amount of calories in a product. The following site explains more.
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Lost Weight. Weight Watchers is about changing your lifestyle, not dieting. According to the website, "Weight Watchers does not tell people what they can or can't
it's a calculation now - so you can figure it out for yourself!! male - 8 pts female - 2 pts age: 17-26 - 4 pts 27-37 - 3 pts 38-47 - 2 pts 48-58 - 1 pt over 58 - 0 pts use the first
1 1/2 cups of fresh strawberries is 1 Point or 2 Set Points.
it varies on the different sauces you get, some can be a lot and some can be as little as 2 points. i have been with weight watchers for the past 7years and i am in fine figure, i
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