How many Weight Watchers points are you allowed per day?


Weight watching points depend on the amount of calories in a product. The following site explains more.
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Everything you eat has a point value to help you keep track of how much you consume throughout the day. According to the Weight Watchers website, this value is based on calories,
There's no recommended points for 'everyone' on
It depends on your age, whether you are male or female and your level of daily activity. Here is the formula: 1. Are you. female? score 2. Male? score 8. A nursing mom? score 12.
Per the WeightWatches Food Tracker the Original Bubba Burger is 11 points. The /14 Pound Bubba Burger is only 6 points (making me wonder how big the original might be)
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The number of Weight Watcher points in a scone will depend on the recipe and ingredients used. You'll need to know the number of calories per serving, fat and ...
A medium (150g) portion of fresh strawberries has a value of just ½ points on the Weight Watchers program. Strawberries have about 30 calories per 100g, ...
To know how many points you are allowed by Weight Watchers, you have to visit the Peer Trainer site and sign up for the Weight Watchers Points System first. Then ...
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