How Many Whales Are Killed Each Year?


While the exact number of how many whales are killed each year may not be specifically known, it is estimated that around 1,500 to 2,500 whales are hunted every year. The Makeh tribe in Washington traditionally hunts whales, and kills around 40 to 60 each year in the last decade. Whaling is a controversial practice, and there are many organizations that track the number of whales hunted year to year.
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It is estimated that approximately 400 whales are killed each year. A sobering fact is that seven of the thirteen species of great whales are considered endangered.
No blue whales are now being killed. Hunting of blue whales was banned in 1966, and the last illegal hunting (by Russia) was in the 1970s. The number of blue whales in the world was
551 whales are killed annually by the Japanese. They are
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Even with anti-whale hunting laws about 1,400 whales are killed each year. They are hunted for food, to make products, and for sport. The most whales are killed off the coasts of Asia.
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