How Many Wheels Does a 747 Airplane Have?


A 747 airplane has 18 wheels. There are 16 main landing gear wheels, and two nose landing gear wheels. A 747 airplane stands as high as a six story building when it is standing on its wheels.
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The diameter of the landing gear wheels on a 747
A Boeing aircraft, double wide with 2 decks, one on top of the other, but only a quarter of the length of the lower deck.
Because it could easily be confused with the number one. Same reason you won't see the letter show up in aircraft registrations. Embed Quote
1. Approach the landing as usual, reducing power to idle as you cross the threshold. 2. Add 100-300 RPM just before you begin your flare to give yourself better control on your rate
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The number of wheels on a plane differs depending on the size and type of plane. A Boeing 747 for example has 18 wheels. There are 16 main landing-gear wheels ...
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