How many wives did Elvis Presley have?


Elvis Presley was married to one wife named Priscilla Presley with whom he had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. He had, however, moved in with Linda Thompson after a divorce with Priscilla at one time though they later broke up and found new love in Ginger Alden whom he proposed to but never married.
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if you want to know go to then click on iductee and search Elvis Presley then scroll to the bottem and count how many on the time line.
There are 151 Elvis albums, singles and extended-plays whose American sales
Only married once.
Stalin had two wives. The first was Ketevan Svanidze, who died of tuberculosis on November 22, 1907. The second was Nadezhda Allilueva, who shot herself on November 7, 1932.
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