How many wives did Elvis Presley have?


Elvis Presley was married to one wife named Priscilla Presley with whom he had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. He had, however, moved in with Linda Thompson after a divorce with Priscilla at one time though they later broke up and found new love in Ginger Alden whom he proposed to but never married.
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Only one daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. He has more than one, there is many of his offspring who has had dna testing to verify it.
Elvis has had 149 songs chart. Between albums, alternate versions, singles
Between the USA and the UK, Elvis had 26 Number 1 hit singles. This does not include posthumous releases. There were many more single releases that did not quite make it to Number
Elvis only made 2 movies in Hawaii, and they were Blue Hawaii and Paradise Hawaiian Style. Girls, Girls, Girls was also filmed in Hawaii so Elvis filmed 3 movies in the Aloha State.
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