How many wives did Henry VIII kill?


King Henry VIII had two of his six wives executed. Anne Boleyn, his second wife and Catherine Howard, his fifth wife, were both executed. Anne Boleyn is the mother of Queen Elizabeth I, but Henry was disappointed she did not give him a son.

Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536 on the charges of adultery, allegations that, according to, were likely false. Catherine Howard was executed in 1542, also for adultery. Henry VIII's marriage to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was annulled when she failed to have a son after being pregnant six times. His third wife, Jane Seymour, died after giving birth to a son who became King Edward VI. Henry also had the marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, annulled. He was married to his sixth wife, Catherine Parr, when he died.

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Henry VIII of England had 6 wives. Two were
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He had 6 wives,he divorced catherine of arragon because he needed a son and catherine had only given him 1 daughter,she was pregnant about 8 times,some of the baby's were still born
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