How Many Wives Does Akon Have?


Rapper Akon has three wives. Akon admits to being a polygamist. He believes he can afford to have as many wives as he can afford to have. He also has stated that his dad has four wives.
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Ojiugo is one of them.'s_wives
I like some of his songs (but very few) But not him. At least AFI doesn't sing about wanting to f* people.
Rapper Akon has confessed he practices polygamy and has three
This is an article I found on the net today, apparently Mr. Akon is going to have his own reality show. “LIFE’S THREE AND EASY FOR AKON We ‘ve seen some wacky reality
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Akon is an American-born musician of Senegalese descent. He is a Muslim and has cited his religion as the reason for his polygamist lifestyle (he has three wives ...
Akon is a practising Muslim just like his father Mor Thiam a famous Senegalese jazz percussionist who also has several wives, typical of the Muslim faith. ...
Akon has recorde 43 Cd's in it's existenice. ...
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