How Many Wives Has Tom Cruise Had?

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorced.
Cruise was previously married to Mimi Rogers (1987-1990) and Nicole Kidman (1990- 2001).
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Tom Cruise is on his third marriage. Tom Cruise was married and divorced from Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. Katie Holmes is his current wife.
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three so far. Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and current wife Katie Holmes.
Tom Cruise has been married three times: Mimi Rogers
Tom Cruise has been married 3 times now. First to Mimi Rogers. Then later to Nicole Kidman and now Katie Holmes. But I honestly do not think this marriage is going to last very long
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Tom Cruise has two legal ex-wives. They are Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. As of December of 2012, he was separated from Katie Holmes, but still married to her. ...
Tom Cruise has had two marriages that ended in divorce. The first one was with Mimi Rogers from 9th May 1987 to 4th February 1990 and the second one was with Nicole ...
Tom Cruise, who has an estimated net worth of approximately $250 million, has had three marriages. His first marriage was to Miriam Spickler, better known to the ...
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