How Many Words Are in Happy Thanksgiving?


Finding smaller words in larger ones is a pretty good game that anyone can play alone or with friends. There can be quite a large number of words in Happy Thanksgiving. Some of the short words are gig, sap, hat, gin and gag. Some of the larger and more complicated words in Happy Thanksgiving are paints, gangs, think, thing, stain and anything.
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Step. 1. Place your child's Thanksgiving artwork in the center of your table. Step. 2. Add silk or real leaves around the artwork. Step. 3. Scatter leaves across the table. Step.
Alas, the word "turkey" is not among them. Here are some words that you can make from Happy Thanksgiving: a, aghast. again. against. ah, aha. akin. an. angina. angst. ankh
Thinking, Pie, Gaping, Gang, Hi, Hanky, Piping, Gains.
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