How Many Words Are on a Single Spaced Typed Page?


The amount of words on a single-spaced typed page depend on the font face and size being used. Using a standard 12-point Times New Roman font, a single-spaced page may have between 800 and 850 words.
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1000 words fit on 1-3 pages depending on the print size, single or double spaced, words used etc.In MS Word, a double spaced page is about 250 words.So 1,000 words equals 4 pages.You
There are 250 words per double spaced typed page. More specifically there are between 2,622 and 3818 Characters on a normal 8x10 page depending on Capitalization and Font. This estimation
A single spaced page can fit about 420 words. Your 4,500 words would take
It will vary, but typically a double-spaced page typed in a 12 point font is around 250 words. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 10:02AM EST. Source:
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The number of words on a page when it is double-spaced depends on the font size and the margins. In general, a single page which is double-spaced should contain ...
A 500-word essay is approximately one page single-spaced, or two pages double-spaced. This approximation assumes a common, 12-point font with 1-inch margins on ...
5000 words is approximately 11 single-spaced pages. The complete number depends heavily on several factors. These include font face, font size, paragraph use, ...
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