How Many Words in a Three Minute Speech?


The amount of words needed for a three minute speech depends on first how fast you speak. Normally a three minute speech can be it 2-3 word per second, this can be multiplied by 60. The 60 represents the minutes, 2x60 = 120. Using the answer 120 then multiply that by the amount of minutes needing the speech to be, therefore, 120x3 = 360, then estimate from there, 300-400 words.
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I really would not know how many words a minute that you can type. You can always time yourself with a watch or clock. There are some programs that you can go into and they will time
1. Write the introduction for your three-minute speech. The introduction is part that will grab the attention of your audience and make it clear what you will be discussing. For a
It really depends on how fast you talk.
On average a speech should contain 100-120 words for every minute.
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On average, a person will need to compile about 400-600 words for a 3 minute speech. Speeches are normally spoken at a rate of 140-160 words per minute. ...
Anywhere between 45-60 words per minute is good. Above that is exceptional. Practice, practice and you will get better. You can practice for free online. You ...
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