How Many Working Weeks in a Year?


There are 52 working weeks in a year. One should not work for more than six days out of every seven, or 12 out of every 14. One can work at a maximum of 48 hours a week with an entitlement of 5.6 weeks holiday a year. It is advisable to take a 20-minute break if your shift lasts for more than six hours.
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52*5 = 260 workdays. Minus 8 Bank Holidays = 252. Plus one day (since the year is 52 weeks and one day long) = 253. Plus one day in a leap year = 253.25 on average.
Calculate your Net income per pay period - that is, the after tax pay that you take home. If you are paid fortnightly, for example $1000 per fortnight, then simply divide 1000 by
40 weeks-12 holidays.
At 52 weeks per year, 88 weeks equals 1.69 years (to 2 dp)
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