How Many Working Weeks in a Year?


There are 52 working weeks in a year. One should not work for more than six days out of every seven, or 12 out of every 14. One can work at a maximum of 48 hours a week with an entitlement of 5.6 weeks holiday a year. It is advisable to take a 20-minute break if your shift lasts for more than six hours.
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They are 52 weeks in a year and a leap year they is 53 weeks.
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8 2/3 6 weeks in a year.
Since a leap year has 366 days, there are. 52 weeks. and 2 days in a leap year. 52 x 7 = 364. A normal year has one less day, 365 days. I AM ANOTHER PERSON NOW. ok the answer is =
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