How Many Yards Are in a Bolt of Fabric?


There is no set yard amount for a bolt of fabric. Fabric stores may carry 25 yards or more. 50 yards per bolt seems to be the average.
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From the manufacturer it is 50 to 100 yards. Then the distributor will
1. Unroll the cloth over the flat work space. 2. Hold the measuring tape even with the cut edge of the cloth. 3. Measure the cloth along the selvage to the center of the roll. Keep
The amount and width of the fabric on a bolt of fabric completely depends on the manufacturer of the fabric. Bolts of fabric hold anywhere from 42 to 50 inches wide of fabric.
A normal yard is 36 inches. However, a traditional clothyard is 39 inches (extra makes up for the seams) so it would depend on which one is applied in the store or area you buy from
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