How Many Yards in a Skein of Yarn?


How many yards in a skein of yarn cannot be determined until you read the label on the yarn that you select to buy. There are different size yarns and they come in all thicknesses. It depends on what the manufacturer decides. A skein is a gathering of yarn with no specific amount of yards to a skein for measure. Read your labels.
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Go to the Caron website and see if it's listed there. Inexpensive acrylics often don't tell you the yardage on the label. Most yarn yardages can be found on their company's websites
1. Find the yarn's ball band. If you are missing the ball band, look up the yarn's information on, which maintains a database of information on thousands of different
The amout of yarn in each skein varies ALOT! Each brand makes a different
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It is impossible to say how many yards are in a skein of yarn. A skein of yarn is typically packaged by weight and may vary depending on the type of yarn. If one ...
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In order to crochet a poncho for girls you will need a crochet hook size N or 9 mm and a tape measure. You will also need 2 skeins of yarn that have 185 yards ...
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