How many years between each leap year?


There are usually 4 years between every leap year which adds an extra day to the shortest month of the year, and that is the month of February. February every other year only consists of 28 days.
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every 4 years.
1. Divide the year for which you are trying to determine a leap year by four. If the year is not divisible by four, it is not a leap year. If the year is divisible by four, continue
1. Start off using the year you want to calculate. Ad. 2. See if it is. evenly. divisible by 4 (a whole number with no remainder) If it is not, like 1997, it is not a leap year. If
Years that are divisible by 4, but not by 100, except when they're divisible by 400 are leap years. So the next one, as of this writing, is 2016. Update (29 February, 2012): The current
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Leap years occur every 4 years. During a leap year, there is one extra day in February, and 366 days in that year. ...
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