How many years is a diamond anniversary?


The diamond anniversary is celebrated on the 60th anniversary. That sure is a long time and should be celebrated with something extra special. Diamond is a perfect choice since the word comes from a Greek word meaning enduring.
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Seventy-five years is a diamond anniversary. Queen Victoria celebrated sixty years from her rise to the throne with a diamond jubilee, which also became acceptable as a diamond anniversary. You can find more information here:
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60,65,70 and ocasionally 75 (but 75 is usually platinum)
The traditional anniversary gifts for each year are paper, cotton then leather. The fourth year you can do fruit or flowers and wood for the fifth year. For a list of years beyond
The Diamond was originally a gift for the 75th anniversary, a
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An emerald anniversary is celebrated after 55 years of marriage. The next anniversary after this is the diamond one which is celebrated at 60 years. ...
Diamond anniversary, also known as Diamond jubilee is an anniversary celebrated upon the completion of sixty, or, according to some, seventy-five, years from the ...
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