How Many Years of College to Be a Marine Biologist?


There are many different jobs a marine biologist may work, such as a laboratory, or a ship at sea, among others. What type of job one hopes to work in will determine the number of years needed for college. For some types of career paths, a Masterâ€â&dbquo;¢s degree or a Bachelorâ€â&dbquo;¢s degree are required, but this is up to the employer. For advancement to the highest position in a laboratory, a Ph.D is required. This means the number of years of college could be as low as four for a Bachelorâ€â&dbquo;¢s degree, to many more for a PhD. The average time to earn a Ph.D is about eight and one half years.
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Four to six years.
To be a marine biologist, you need to complete a 4 year
You need to be taking Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math classes. Most other electives won't even apply towards your biology degree because you are required to take these science
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in May 2008, biochemists earned a median salary of $82,840. Microbiologists earned $64,350. Zoologists and wildlife biologists who would
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Four to six years. ...
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