How Might Emission Spectra Be Used to Study Stars?


Emission spectra can be used to study stars because it gives astrologers an idea of the different elements that are present in the star itself. Also, it has been discovered that there is a shift in the spectra of distance stars, which indicates that they are travelling away from Earth and from each other. This indicates that the universe is still expanding.
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The emission spectra can tell us the atoms of a star and the atoms tell us what the star is made of.
Emission spectra is a very hard thing to understand when
Spectroscopy can be used to determine what the stars are made of by measuring the wavelengths of the light emitted from them. Source(s) Self.
Every molecule and element absorbs and emitts photon energy differently, uniquely. By studying the lines on the spectrum emitted by a star, scientists can determine what elements
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