How much a pack of cigarettes cost?


The cost of cigarettes is way too much,and varies from state to state, at the present time in Florida the average price is around $6.00. Too much for a bad habit.
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As of April 1, 2009 the federal excise tax on cigarettes will rise from .39 to $1.01 which raises the cost of a carton of cigarettes by over $6.00. And keep in mind that each state
The price of a pack of cigarettes in the US can vary from $3.10 to $7.40.
The average cost of a pack of cigarettes around the United States is
1. Gather the materials needed and do not remove the cellophane from the cigarette pack. 2. Turn the pack upside down and hold it by the front and back close to the bottom of the
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A pack of cigarettes can range from four dollars all the way up to nine dollars in some areas, but please do remember smoking is a very bad and addicting habit ...
The price of a pack of cigarettes varies by state. Tobacco is one of the most taxed items in the United States. Each state has a different amount of tax applied ...
Depending on the brand the prices can range from $2.00 ...
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