How much does a Ruger M77 cost?


The cost of a Ruger M77 will vary based on which retailer you choose. While some gun brokers charge between $800 and $900 it is difficult to find a steady price. In certain retail locations a Ruger M77 can be purchased for a cost ranging between $700 and $900 depending on specials and store promotions.
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The Ruger M77, M77R and M77RSM Mark II Rifles, MSRP: $695; Calibers -
In GUNSAMERICA, Ruger M77 Scout Rifle 308 costs $749.00 and in BP Hunter, it costs $730.00.
if condition is good 4 or 500.
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The Ruger M77 rifle is a bolt-action rifle with a satin finish, made with American Walnut. The cost of a Ruger M77 .243 rifle is about $600-$900 on auction websites ...
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