How much does a Ruger M77 cost?


The cost of a Ruger M77 will vary based on which retailer you choose. While some gun brokers charge between $800 and $900 it is difficult to find a steady price. In certain retail locations a Ruger M77 can be purchased for a cost ranging between $700 and $900 depending on specials and store promotions.
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In GUNSAMERICA, Ruger M77 Scout Rifle 308 costs $749.00 and in BP Hunter, it costs $730.00.
Just bought a Ruger Mark II .257 Roberts paid $549.00
The Ruger trigger supplied in the M77 Mark II was a big step
You need to elaborate, other then that I'd say about $600/$700. I don't think the scope cost a hole lot new, so if you look into price of what it would cost you take half of that,
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