How much does a Ruger M77 cost?


The cost of a Ruger M77 will vary based on which retailer you choose. While some gun brokers charge between $800 and $900 it is difficult to find a steady price. In certain retail locations a Ruger M77 can be purchased for a cost ranging between $700 and $900 depending on specials and store promotions.
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The Ruger M77, M77R and M77RSM Mark II Rifles, MSRP: $695; Calibers -
should be 300-400 depends on year made and overall shape
I have the exact gun in 308. I love it by the way. I paid 450 for mine and it came with a bushnell banner 3x9x40 on it, used at a local gun shop. I thought it was a good buy because
Figure around $100 a year if you don't own a car; $300-400 if you do.
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