How Much a Schwinn Bike Is Worth?


How much a Schwinn bike is worth is determine by varying factors. The age of the bike, the condition it is in, the type of upgrades (customizations) and even the type of tires on it can vary worth drastically. For specifics you can take the bike in question to a local bike retailer that can give you a proper appraisal value.
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It depends on what you have. If it's just a springer and some 140 spoke rims, not much. Sadly, It's not the Schwinn part that makes a lowrider valuable, it's the parts. The quality
Schwinn Predator 20-Inch Bike has Schwinn 20" Street BMX frame with cro-mo
1. Look for the trademark balloon frame. Schwinn's best known structural feature is the arched bar in the center of the frame. Some newer Schwinn models more closely follow the 10
It was built in 1975. There were more than 15 MILLION of those bikes made, more than 1/2 of them still exist. For a realistic value, go to. and click
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