How Much Alcohol Do You Have to Drink to Show up on an ETG Urinalysis?


All you have to drink is one drink for the alcohol consumption to come up on an ETG urinalysis. The ETG can detail alcohol consumption up to 80 hours prior to when you ingested it.
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Alcohol can stay in your system anywhere from six hours to two days depending on your size and how much you drank. Visit. for more information
i would say mouth wash.
I work in an alcohol rehab clinic so you can take my answer as read, it does vary depending on age, sex and metabolic rate but on average it takes the liver one hour to metabolise
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Any amount you drank would show up on a breathalyzer because it is absorbed into your body and basically whatever the amount was that was absorbed into your lungs ...
From what I know, the amount of alcohol that one would need to consume before it shows up on a urine test depends on the makeup, weight, and body type of the person ...
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