How Much Alcohol does It Take to Kill a Person?


The amount of alcohol that it takes to kill a person depends on the size of the person. It also depends on the age and the weight of the person who is drinking.
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For alcohol to kill a person it would take .30% or more. At .30% it is potentially fatal if the person is not used to drinking. .40% is more likely to be fatal and any thing over that is considered fatal.
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There is no clear answer yet as to what makes a person an alcoholic. It may be hereditary and environmental. We may find more answers in time. If the drink controls you or has a negative
Not very much, and it kills by rotting your liver, a very unpleasant way to die slowly.
1. Fill the spray bottle with water. 2. Measure out 1 tsp. of rubbing alcohol and pour it into the spray bottle. 3. Measure out 1 tsp. of dish soap and pour it into the spray bottle
A real morbid question, if I ever saw one! I am sure studies have not been done on this. "The "lethal dose" (LD) of alcohol is clinically defined as the amount that
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If for example am 64Kg (140ib) and i took 20 drinks equivalent to 15ml each, that will accumulate an alcohol concentration of 0.56 in my blood. This is more than ...
It should take no current in the world to kill a person. Killing a person is against the law. Not to mention if you killed someone your own mind will kill you ...
The truth of the matter is is that it only takes on hit of heroin to kill a person. Heroin can raise the heart rate so much that it can cause a heart attack. ...
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