How Much Alcohol Is in Bacardi Rum?


For those who inquire about how much alcohol is in Bacardi Rum it is listed on the bottle. It has 75.5 percent of alcohol in Bacardi Rum. That is a high amount of alcohol so it is important to drink responsibly.
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The 151 proof Barcardi Rum is approximately 75.5% alcohol by volume.
151/2 = 75.5% try not to drink too much, as this contains nearly twice as much alcohol per shot as vodka and more than twice that of most rums.
1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with crushed ice. 2. Add the rum, grenadine syrup, Rose's lime juice and fresh lime juice to the cocktail shaker. 3. Cover the cocktail shaker and
i used to print those darn little bat stickers for the Bacardi company for use on all their rum projects a few years ago and a rep from their corporate office (who was from the barcardi
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