How Much Alcohol Is in Corona?


Corona is a favorite drink for most people. It contains 4.5% alcohol. It has been coined Coronita in Hungary and Spain.
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Answer About 5%. Corona in the UK has a alcohol content of 4.5% found it here
Corona Light contains 4.5% alcohol by volume. Corona Extra contains 4.6%
Corona Extra contains 4.6% alcohol & 148 calories per 12 oz serving! Light has 4.5% & 109 calories!
im not sure as to how much exactly, but i kno that there is enough in there to get you drunk.
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Corona beer has 4.5% alcohol content. Corona has 109 calories and 5 carbs. Please click on the following link to review for additional alcohol %, calories and/ ...
Corona Extra is a type of beer that has an alcohol content of 4.6 percent. A case of 6 Corona Extra costs around $8. ...
The Corona bathing suits on their website run from $29.99 to $49.99... ...
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