How Much Alfalfa Seed Do I Plant Per Acre?


To produce good yield, you need to plant between 9.07 and 11.3 Kilograms of alfalfa seed per acre. The best time for sowing seeds in the field is in early spring or late summer. The plant is expected to mature after a period of between 70 and 90 days.
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How Much Alfalfa Seed Do I Plant Per Acre?
Alfalfa grows in many different climates. It can be grown where there is adequate water or in arid areas. It will also grow well in fields that have high alkalinity, meaning high soil pH. Alfalfa is great feed for livestock. It can have over 14 percent... More »
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There are a few things you must determine about the land and climate conditions prior to seeding alfalfa. If the rainfall is less than 14 inches per year, you are in an arid region.
Use a seeding rate of 15 to 20 pounds per acre and a planting depth of zero to one and a half inches, increasing the pounds will not increase the amount of crop.
1. Learn the amount of acreage (hectares) in the land that is to be seeded. Total acreage (hectares) is listed in survey details and is available from the county clerk or in your
The record yield of one acre of alfalfa is 10 tons/acre without irr...
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