How Much Antifreeze Should I Put in My Car?


The easiest way to put antifreeze in your car is to fill the reservoir to the fill line shown. If the level you see in the container is not to the fill line, you should add a mixture of 50/50 water and coolant until the line is met. You can buy antifreeze that is already mixed in the container when you buy it, but some are not, so be sure to check before you add any. Since each car has its own amount of coolant needed this the best way to do it.
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1. Make sure that the engine is cool. The antifreeze in a hot engine is under pressure and sever scalding can result. 2. Locate the radiator drain cock located at the bottom of the
So that the water used as coolant in most car radiators does not freeze overnight. If it does then, because ice expands as it freezes and melts, it can crack the engine block. The
Straight antifreeze freezes at about zero degrees
What kind of antifreeze?...radiator fluid?...if Rad fluid..look for your overflow tank, and add it there. The cap may be yellow, and may have "rad fluid only" printed on
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