How much are 1 oz .999 Fine Silver coins worth these days?


You can determine what 1 oz .999 fine silver coins are worth these days by having them appraised. The appraisal can be completed by a local professional or collector.
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The current silver spot rate is ~16.61. So your one ounce coins are worth about that, whereas any 'junk silver' you might own (pre-1965 dimes, quarters, etc) will trade at a little
what is the value of .999 1 troy o.z. coin worth in weight.
The price of silver changes daily. So, if you had one ounce of
Most .999 silver coins contain almost exactly one ounce of silver. If this is the case, then your coin is worth the spot price plus a possible mark up for collectible value. Right
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One troy ounce of .99 fine silver is worth $28.77 on January 19, 2011 as I write this. The metal value is worth more that the eagle coin. The price goes up and ...
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