How much are 1 oz .999 Fine Silver coins worth these days?


You can determine what 1 oz .999 fine silver coins are worth these days by having them appraised. The appraisal can be completed by a local professional or collector.
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The current silver spot rate is ~16.61. So your one ounce coins are worth about that, whereas any 'junk silver' you might own (pre-1965 dimes, quarters, etc) will trade at a little
what is the value of .999 1 troy o.z. coin worth in weight.
Currently fine silver is trading at $17.54 an
$1.39 is the price of an Indian head .999 Fine silver one Troy ounce coin. Ask us!
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One troy ounce of .99 fine silver is worth $28.77 on January 19, 2011 as I write this. The metal value is worth more that the eagle coin. The price goes up and ...
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