How Much Are 5 Pound Coins Worth?


According to recent values of 2012, the collectible 5 pound coins are generally worth around 30 pounds. They may appear in silver of nickel faces.
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At worst, it is worth Five Pounds. Depending on the year, the metal it is made from, whether it is Proof or a specimen coin, and it is still in mint condition and the original packaging
A date is needed.
The U.S. has never made a 5-cent gold coin. If your coin has a large V on the back and the word CENTS near the bottom, it's a standard Liberty nickel that was plated. When the denomination
The 5 New Pence coin is a British coin and 1968 was the year of its first issue. The larger pre-1991 5 Pence coins were withdrawn from circulation and demonetised in 1991. So, unless
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The British five pound (£5) coin's value is also 5 pounds sterling but sometimes it is sold at a slight premium to that value. The reverse side of the coin ...
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