How Much Are Aluminum Pull Tabs Worth?


Alluminuim pull tabs are considered to be one of the most pure and unadulterated forms of aluminium and are found on the top of drink cans. Despite this fact, aluminium pull tabs are not worth a large sum of cash. On average, if the tabs originally cost $100 dollars, they can be resold for 75 cents or $1.
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a pull "pop" tab is worth 55 cent a pound or it can go up to one dollar a pound it's is usually different from where you live.
1. Remove tabs from aluminum cans. Pulling them forward and back again will loosen them from the can and cause the tab to pop off. Tabs can be collected from any aluminum can, even
The type I silver aluminum pull tab (the normal pop can tab which
They might run about $.50 per pound. You will get more if you turn in the whole can.
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