How Much are Black Diamonds Worth?


The value of black diamonds depends on how they're graded. All diamonds are judged on their carat size, clarity, color, and cut, although high quality black diamonds are usually more valuable than regular diamonds.
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Black diamonds are diamonds that are formed with graphite in them. Black diamonds are actually a very dark green, but this can only be seen when they are properly, or improperly,
Black diamonds, properly. Carbonado. are priced a little less than clear diamonds of the same carat weight. Your local jeweler may be able to show you black diamonds with prices.
A black diamond is worth $212.00. This item can be found on the online
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As of March 2011, the Black diamonds are worth starting at 0.01 of a carat all the way up to 5.99 carats about .43 for the smallest and $36,000.00 for the largest.
Black diamonds are worth a bit less than white diamonds. On average, a good quality black diamond that is 1 carat is about $800 to about $1200. This price varies according to the condition of the stone.
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