How Much are Cameos Worth?


The price of a cameo depends on the design and how well it has been kept. You can usually get your cameo appraised by a jeweler, but you may need to find a specialist.
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The value of a cameo would all depend on the design on the front of it as well as the material it has been made from. the least amount of money they are worth is about $75.00.
The value of a cameo depends greatly on the size, age and style of materials used to make the cameo. The value can vary from museum quality ivory carvings to $10 plastic copies.
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5cents-1.38$ [played to mint]
You can purchase a Wedgwood Cameo Boxes for $155.00 on
Cameos were popular for literally decades,so there are millions of them out there wich keeps the price very low.You can check on ebay to find comparables,but even if its real gold
Hi Robyn- According to the MLS, that property is currently in escrow. An offer was accepted two weeks after placing it on the market for $699,900 (which is very quick in today's market
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The value of old cameos really depends on what the cameos are made of and how old they are. Some cameos made of plastic sell for less than $10. Cameos made of ...
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