How Much Are Cigarettes in Egypt?


As of April 2012, a packet of 20 cigarettes in Egypt cost on average 1.6-2.00 Euros. This works out at £1.30 - £1.70 per pack.
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53 Egyptian pounds broooo.
i suggest that you care for your health . stop smoking to live healthy . how ! put mint and chewing gum in your pocket . choose one of them when you consider smoking . ask God to
According to the Egyptian law , it's illegal to sell / buy / smoke cigarettes . But unfortunately sellers nowadays don't care about the age , and they sell cigarettes to whoever wants
The current duty free allowance when returning to the UK is: Tobacco: 200 cigarettes; or 100 cigarillos; or 50 cigars; or 250 gms of tobacco. report this answer. Updated on Sunday
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