How much are color copies at FedEx Office, formerly known as Kinkos?


Color copies at FedEx Office, formerly known as Kinkos, vary in cost depending on the size of the print job. Generally, the regular cost can be in the eighty to ninety cent per page range. Discounts apply according to the amount of copies needed and any special business rates.

Color printed copies at FedEx Office are done on high quality printers that can be adjusted for color variations and clarity of image. The company provides customers with one or more color printers to use on a first come first serve basis. Customers with more complex color printing jobs can have the staff do all the photocopying.

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Color copies are 89 cents each at
While copy costs fluctuate depending on season at Kinko's and vary depending on if you are supplying paper or what quality paper you are buying, you can expect to pay on average,
50 cents.
Depending on your location they will generally range anywhere from 29¢ ti 49¢ or more per copy. In most cases, unless you're just wanting a few color copies, it will be
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