How Much Are Color Copies at Office Depot?


Prices on color copies vary at Office Depot different times of the year. The average price for color copies ranges between 12 and 20 cents per copy. It's best to look for the sales and get your color copies when the prices are at their lowest. It makes sense to go to Office World for your color copies if you have to run many of them. The cost will be much lower than the cost of replacing the ink in your home printer.
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Office Max doesn't list copy prices online. If you give us your zip code we
6 dollars an hour.
Prices may vary depending on the location.Office Max generally charges 49 cents-79 cents per page (single-sided) & 98 cents to $1.49 per page (Double-sided) report this answer
Last time I was there it was 45 cents for one side, one sheet 8.5x11. Less for multiple copies. That was a year and a half ago though.. best to call Office Max in your town and ask
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