How much are Eagle comics worth?


Eagle comic of 1959 goes for about £60.00 at Border Bookshop. A copy of the No 1 Eagle comic, dating from 1950, sold at £200 in 1995.
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1) Comic collectors do not use the term "used" to describe the condition of their comics. It goes: Poor, Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Near Mint, Mint (which is pretty
1. Examine each of your comic books very carefully for noticeable flaws. Any small tears or slight cosmetic blemishes (that are not a result of printing errors) will slightly decrease
An eagle is scored when you get 2 under par. EX: Par 4 hole you score a 2. Par 4: 1- Hole in One 2- Eagle 3- Birdie 4- Par 5- Bogey.
Because eagles are a protected species, it is illegal to sell their body parts,
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