How Much Are Elvis Presley Records Worth?


Elvis Presley's pre-military service albums are the most valuable, while some albums after 1960 have racked in huge amounts at auction. Many Elvis records from the 1960s and 1970s have a value of under 12.3487 GBP. Records from his pre-military service era, especially those with hit songs, rake in 15.4359 GBP to several hundreds of pounds each.
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i would say $117.13.
An Elvis Presley On Stage record unopened is selling for around
1. Sort the records into categories, such as 78 rpm; LPs, according to decade of his career; promos; imports; 45s and picture sleeves; and Sun records. The latter records were released
Hi Donald, Your answer might depend on the collector. I'm not an appraiser but you could check with and see if there are any photos from the same time period. That could
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Early recording (Sun Records era) by Elvis Presley are the most valuable with a worth of at least $500. The 1960s and 1970s records are less valuable with some having a value of under $20.
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