How much are gold stamps worth?


Depending on the Kt. the gold is, will depend on what it is worth. It can range anywhere from 5.95-60.00. If it is only gold plated it will be worth less money than if it was full gold. The best way to find out exactly how much they are worth, is to take them to a specialist who can tell you exactly what they are worth.
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I hate to tell you, but next to nothing. They have almost no real gold, such a thin layer that it would take thousands of them to get a measurable amount.
The value of old stamps varies according to place of origin. Stamp collecting is often very much a national affair. Each country has its own philatelic societies and issues of interest
You can buy replicas of different stamps in 22k gold for $5.95-59.95 and
In my opinion, the value of the gold is negligible, and the value of the stamp isn't much more than face value. There are hundreds of gold stamp replicas for sale on eBay, and most
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