How Much Are IMAX Tickets?


Ticket prices for an IMAX theatre movie viewing vary. Ticket prices vary by location. Some locations also charge differently for a particular movie and then by the viewing option. For example in 2013, ticket prices for Oblivion are $13.50 for an adult at the AMC Loews Country Club Hills IMAX while at the Grand Rapids North IMAX ticket prices for an adult are $13.00 with $2.00 added for 3D presentations. Other locations charge other prices and may vary their prices based on a matinee viewing, age, or other options.
Q&A Related to "How Much Are IMAX Tickets?"
It depends on the theater that you go to. Different theaters charge different prices.
I need to know what theater you are looking for in order to find what the ticket price is
IMAX Admission Price: Adult(age 18-61):$8.00 Movies must be viewed on the same day of ticket purchase.
1. Locate your local IMAX theater. IMAX theaters are not as common as regular movie theaters. Use a phone book or IMAX's website to locate the theater closest to you. At IMAX's website
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