How Much Are Japanese Glass Fishing Floats Worth?


How much a Japanese glass fishing float is worth will depend on many things. The size and color will make a difference. As will the age, condition and uniqueness. They can be worth as little as $10.00 up to more than $5000.00.
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The value of a Japanese glass fishing float will vary according to numerous factors such as the color, shape, size, uniqueness & marks it may have. A standard 3" float that
1. Group the floats by color and size. Place similar colors, such as blue and green, together. Gather small floats, such as those around 5 inches in diameter, into large groups, and…. they have alot. and there cheap too.
Decide if you want a vintage or new glass float. Vintage glass fishing floats have been in use since 1840, and were adopted by Japanese crab fishermen in the early 1900s. By the 1930s
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