How much are McDonald's toys worth?


The McDonald's toys are actually free because they comes with the kids meal. However, the price of kids meal is around £1.5 to £2, as of April 2012.
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probably between slim and none, but keep them. i know people who walked into mcdonalds to get the DBZ standup when they were done with it, just to have it. they should be worth something
The full set of 2011 Smurf toys from McDonald's is being sold for about
The best place to look for valuation for collectibles is ebay. Go on ebay and search for any particular collectible you have. Then click the 'Completed Listings' box on the left.
1. Research your toy tractor. Often there is a logo, company name, or patent number on the toy. Look up the patent number at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.
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