How Much Are My Abbey National Shares Worth?


As of April 27, 2012, Abbey National Shares were worth about 10.40 pounds per share. Basically, it is subject to change on a daily basis.
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Abbey National was worth £9.5 billion in 2004. No recent valuation available.
12 o' clock so if you're supposed to be there behind the counter you're late. Source(s): Manager, Abbey National, Worthing
$9.82 is the current price for one share of Old National Bank stock. It
You don't - it's no longer valid. What you will have (assuming they were never sold) is Santander shares (into which Abbey ones have turned) which are held electronically - there
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Abbey National was taken over by Banco Santander. In effect, all business dealings will be undertaken by Banco Santander as well.As of April 2012, Banco Santander ...
As of April 2012, your abbey shares are worth 10.40 pounds per share. However, the value of shares may go up or down and the same goes with your investment. ...
Abbey National plc was a bank in the UK and a previous building society, which latterly traded under the Abbey brand name. It became a wholly owned subsidiary ...
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